Japanese: デジモンデジ文字もじアッドン (Dejimon Dejimoji Addon)

Chinese: 數碼寶貝數字代碼插件 (Shùmǎ Bǎobèi Shùzì Dàimǎ Chājiàn)

Korean: 디지몬 데지코도 아든 (Dijimon Dejikodo Adeun)

Maharlika: ادُن نَڠ حَڤُڠ دئجئكُود (Addon nang Hapong Dijikowd)

Digimon Digicode Addon is an addon created by Akihiro Akagi. The addon replace Katakana and full-width Roman letters with Digi-Code characters based on anime, Digimon. The glyph used here is glyph_30.png and glyph_FF.png.

Find out about Digi-Code in this link.

Tip from Akihiro Akagi

Make sure to change from your default keyboard to Japanese Keyboard, for android users and if you don't have a Japanese Keyboard, I recommend Google Japanese Keyboard which available in the playstore for free. For Japanese players of Minecraft, please change your game language from Japanese to English because it will replace Katakanas otherwise you wont understand the game unless you've been studying Digi-Codes for a long time.

The reason why I recommended Google Japanese Keyboard because as far as I know, it allows you to type in Full-width Roman Letters. Basically it's ABCDEFGH not ABCDEFGH. I didn't bother to replace Hiragana because it would delay the release of this addon. Also The reason why I choose to replace the full width ones instead of the regular ones because it would make the game unreadable in any languages using Roman Letters.


Download Link

Download it here