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Glodelania Database is a place where you can research everything related and affliated to the Glodelania Realm. This Database cannot be edited by everyone except for the Founder and Admin that runs or assigned to this database. Most information written here are about Akihiro Akagi's franchises and other public information. Always assume that sensitive and classified information are not in this database to prevent illegal publication of sensitive informations.
Zenjo'oh Sama

Zenjo'oh is Akihiro Akagi's gaming character in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

This Database has been found since October 13, 2017.


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Font Issue

This website contains the following characters

  • Katakana and Hiragana - Japanese (Suggested Font: Simsun)
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  • Hangul - Korean and Bigkas (Suggested Font: Batang)
  • Advanced Arabic Characters - Maharlika (Suggested Font: Times New Roman)
  • Non-Slavic Cyrillic Characters - Glodelanian Cyrillic (Suggested Font: Times New Roman)

We suggest install Unicode fonts from , if you cannot see the letters

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Akihiro Akagi's Franchises

All are run by GlodeCraft Production.

Minecraft and Downloadable contents

All creations and downloadable contents in Minecraft can be found in this links.

Famous Characters

News (July 19, 2018)

Rilu Rilu Fairilu Skin Pack is coming to Glodelania Wikia and Minecraft Forum.

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Glodelania Cyrillic

Glodelania Alphabet Chart

Updated Alphabet chart since October 26, 2017. Showing the Cyrillic on top and their Roman counterpart below.

See Glodelania Cyrillic for more information

Glodelania Cyrillic is a variety of the Cyrillic Alphabet invented by Akihiro Akagi, it is exclusively used only on the country of Glodelania, the alphabet is only to write Tagalog, Japanese, Malay and Indonesian in alternate way, first it was used only to write top secret informations but eventually it become a popular alphabet among the members of Glodelania.


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