Kim Jong Un

Japanese: 金正恩かねまさおん (Kane Masa On)

Chinese: 金正恩 (Jīnzhèng'ēn)

Korean: 김정은 (Kim Jeong Eun)

Maharlika: كئم جُڠ ؤن (Kim Jong Un)

Kim Jong Un is the Supreme Leader of the former country of North Korea. He firstly appear at Episode 13 when Tiffyuter ask Prince Ryan to meet Kim Jong Un and use him to his plan against Lip. He ruined the birthday party and start a Lip. Kim himself claim he has been doing some excercises and training in order to be equal to Lip and the power he receive is Superhuman strengh and laser. After the fight he was killed by Lip and Akoya.

Kim Jong Un was resurrected in the second season by Rin. Kim is much stronger and rager than before. He is eager to kill all the Fairilus, he successfully killed Lip and Fairilu Gole with the help of Rin. Later he was attacked by Herman and killed by Shijimi's laser.