Maharlika (Japanese: 王族 Ôzoku Traditional Chinese: 王權 Wángquán Korean: 왕족 Wangjog)

Maharlika Alphabet was the second official Alphabet uses in all the realms of the Glodelania created by Akihiro Akagi. The alphabet has been made from Jawi Alphabet and no fictional characters has been added the reason why is to make it possible to type in a regular Jawi Keyboard using Honso Keyboard. It was claimed that Maharlika is the most success alphabet compare to the first one, Bigkas and the current Official Alphabet, Glodelania Cyrillic due to the fact that it is too accurate to the the parent alphabet, Jawi Alphabet.

The reason why Akihiro Akagi chooses Jawi because the possibilities to type Tagalog in Arabic characters and so far Akihiro is the only who made Tagalog Alphabet using the Arabic characters. Jawi Alphabet has ñ and ng the only 2 characters made it possible for Akihiro Akagi create Maharlika.

Basic Information

  • Type of Alphabet: Abjad
  • Languages: Tagalog
  • Direction of writing: Right to Left

Alphabet Chart

Maharlika Alphabet Chart

Official Chart created since November 17, 2017


  1. Initial a is only use at the beginning of a word, elsewhere is the diacritic a.
  2. Ch, f, j, q, sh, v and z are only use in loanwords, names and foreign words.
  3. I and U have Hamza above them to identify they are vowels not consonants.
  4. Letter la doesn't follow Rule 1.
  5. The alphabet uses the same punctuations and numerals as Arabic.

Sample Text

Maharlika Sample
Tagalog Sample


Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


  • Akihiro Akagi was amazed to the unique shape of the characters.
  • Jawi is the closest Arabic variety prefered for Tagalog.
  • The alphabet was discontinued on September 27, 2017 due to the difficulty but there was a petition to revive the alphabet and use it along with Glodelania Cyrillic.
  • There is no islamization of Glodelania just because most countries who uses Arabic alphabet are Muslim. Unified Realms of the Glodelania stays itself as realism, an attitude of a person who believes in something accurately true in life.
  • Maharlika is the Tagalog translation of Royalty.