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Welcome to the list of characters of Rilu Rilu Fairilu: Fairy Warriors.

Main Characters


The Main Protagonist Lip

The following characters are divided based on their role.


  1. Lip - The Supreme Leader of the Authoritarian country of Fairilu Supremacy.
  2. Himawari - One of Lip's Generals.
  3. Sumire - One of Lip's Generals.
  4. Rose - One of Lip's Generals.
  5. Rin - A treason to Fairilu Supremacy but later she surrender her pride and serve her country, after the defeat of King Ramir, she became Lip's newest generals.
  6. Powawa - A powa runaway from Prince Ryan and give Lip superpowers.
  7. Pawariza - Another powa from Prince Ryan and give Rose superpowers.


  1. Prince Ryan - A wicked prince from Candadia in search of planet containing large amount of energy.
  2. General Katal - Prince Ryan's personal henchman the only known general of Candadian Monarchy.
  3. Tiffyuter - A smart alien who joins Prince Ryan.
  4. King Ramir - Prince Ryan's father who is incredibly evil and has an obsession to take his vengeance against Lip.
  5. Tuffyuter - Tiffyuter's brother and personally serve King Ramir.
  6. Glodemon - A mysterious digimon met by Karen Hanamura at unknown planet.
  7. Karen Hanamura - Rin's secret commander and the legendary space hunter for the Powas. She is refered in the series as Captain Karen and Karen-sama by Rin. She is also been appearing ever since the beginning of Season 2. She became the main villain of Season 3, the first season of the second book.
  8. Kim Jong Un - A real life person and the supreme leader of North Korea.


  1. Fairilu Gole - He is the 246th Deity elected as Supreme Overlord of all Fairilus, he is respected by all Fairilus.
  2. Fairilu Marge - Fairilu Gole's wife.


  1. Herman - From Jewelpet Candado
  2. Lollip - From Jewelpet Candado
  3. Rossa - From Jewelpet Candado
  4. Anby - From Jewelpet Candado
  5. Lifun - From Jewelpet Candado