Japanese: 悪魔あくま君主くんし (Akuma no Kunshi no Rûtia)

Chinese: 犀牛惡魔領主 (Xīniú Èmó Lǐngzhǔ)

Korean: 루트 니안 악마의 군주 (Luteu Ni'an Akma'ui Gunju)

Maharlika: مَڠَ ڤَڠئنُعُڠ دئمُن نَڠ رؤتيَ (Manga pangino'ong Dimonyo ng Rutya)

Rootian Demon Lords are Demon Lords of Rootian Realm in unknown and uncharted areas of the Sixth Universe. They are consist of Demons and most of them uses the title, Demon Lord, Demon King and Queen, Demon Prince and Princess and only who holds the title of Demon God and that is the Rootian Sole ruler, Demon God Lando.

Each Demon Lords owns unique weapons that produce unique powers and own one Absolute Monstrosity.